Nantucket™ Window Shadings

Nantucket™ Window Shadings

Nantucket™ window shadings, a collection of Silhouette® window shadings, offer a streamlined selection of options to fit your style and everyday needs. Nantucket™ window shadings come in one 3″ vane size, and are suspended between two sheer fabrics. When vanes are tilted open, up to 88% of harmful ultraviolet rays are blocked, allowing radiant light to disperse into the room while protecting your furnishings and floors at the same time. When closed, UV protection is 99%.  With 7 fabrics in 60 color options and 4 operating systems to chose from, Nantucket™ window shadings offer a beautiful combination of style and functionality.

 At Home Designs invites you to stop by their Hockessin, Delaware location to try out Nantucket™ window treatments on display.

Light Diffusion and Protection

The Signature S-Vane™ in both Silhouette® and Nantucket™ window shadings diminishes sun glare and disburses radiant light into your room, while protecting your furnishings from harsh UV rays. Click on the images below for a before and after example.

Silhouette® and Nantucket™ Window Shadings: Operating Systems

Operating Systems

Four operating systems include:

  • UltraGlide® 2 retractable cord, “Click and Walk Away”
  • LiteRise® cordless
  • Standard EasyRise™ cord loop
  • PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum™ Technology


Silhouette LiteRise Lifting System

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