Silhouette® shadings

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Silhouette Shade Close Up

Silhouette® Window Shadings

Many clients love Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shadings for their versatility in offering light control, privacy, and functionality. The award-winning Signature S-Vane™ design floats between two sheer fabrics that tilt open and closed. You will find the perfect texture and color with 12 fabrics and 115 color options. Additional options like cordless operating and black-out layering offer beautiful solutions for your everyday needs.

 At Home Designs invites you to stop by their Hockessin, Delaware location to try out Silhouette® window treatments on display.

Why choose Silhouette® shadings?

See if Silhouette® shadings are the right solution for your home.

Easy Operation

See how Silhouette® shadings look and operate in the video below.

Selecting Vane Size

One of the differences between Nantucket™ shadings and Silhouette® shadings is that Silhouette® shadings come in 2″, 3″ and 4″ vane sizes.  Nantucket™ shadings offer a 3″ vane.

Light Diffusion and Protection

Harness the sunlight that pours into your home. Silhouette® shadings create a beautiful ambient light in your living space, while also protecting your furnishings from harsh UV rays.

Operating Systems

Four operating systems include:

  • UltraGlide® 2 retractable cord, “Click and Walk Away”
  • LiteRise® cordless
  • Standard EasyRise™ cord loop
  • PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum™ Technology

Silhouette LiteRise Lifting System

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