Why Choose Custom Window Treatments?

Although they can serve both practical and aesthetic needs, nothing changes a room more dramatically than custom window treatments. Window treatments will elevate your home to a superior level of beauty, comfort, and style. Our clients choose custom window treatments for several reasons.


Custom window treatments can be the most important element when decorating your room.
Fabrics, trim, and design are hand selected- making each project unique, and tailored to the client.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations. By using premium materials and linings, professionally measuring and installing and paying close attention to detail, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


In addition to beautifying homes, window treatments also serve a functional purpose. Up to forty percent of a home’s heat is lost through glass windows. Draperies, blinds, and shades can make a room feel more comfortable and even save on utility bills.

At Home Designs is committed to bringing you products that are front-runners in energy conservation.

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