silhouette-duolite-500pxAs the sun moves around our home through out the day, we find ourselves adjusting our window treatments on a daily basis whether it be for more privacy, to let the light in, or to keep it out! Watching a movie, taking a nap, working in a home office, you name it, and you’re fidgeting with your blinds and shades.

Should you need more light control, the new Silhouette Duolite window shading gives you the versatility you’ve been longing for in your window treatments. It contains a black-out roller shade and Silhouette window shading all in one headrail, with one operating system.

We love the simplicity and ease of operation. You can enjoy your beautiful Silhouette window shadings while having the option of a black-out shade at your fingertips when needed for everyday household activities. On the days when the sun is shining brightly, Silhouette window shadings transform the sun’s harsh rays into glowing radiant light throughout your home and really stand alone as beautiful window treatments. Being able to lower a black-out shade is useful in the rooms needed most such as media rooms and bedrooms. There is no need to compromise on beauty for function, stop in our showroom or make an appointment and our experienced staff will help you find the perfect solution for daily living.

Light Control is more beautiful than ever

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