Since installing Nantucket Window Shadings in our living room and dining room last fall, we have really enjoyed them; they were the perfect choice! I will highlight our favorite features:

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Our Nantucket Window Shadings in our living room.

1. Privacy. We live on a fairly busy street. When the shades are tilted open or closed, both offer great privacy. When tilted open, you can see outside through the sheer fabric, while people can’t see inside. The sheer fabric offers enough daytime privacy while still enjoying a partial view.


2. Cordless lifting system. We can easily open, tilt, and close our shades and we do so everyday! Before we had a baby, I wasn’t convinced  that cordless shades were totally necessary. Now that our daughter Maddie is nine months old, she is reaching for everything! Having cords would be another worry on my list. Overall, opening and closing the shades is a cinch, with baby in arm!


3. Light control. When Maddie and I are hanging out on the couch in the morning sunshine, the light shines right in our eyes! I close the shades completely, and the light glows through the sheer fabric, offering a soft lighting in the room.


4. Simple elegance.  The Nantucket Window Shadings are beautiful, yet not too dressy. The fabric we chose complements the character of our Cape Cod home.


5. Unobstructed view. When open, the shades completely disappear into the headrail, for an unobstructed view of the beautiful yard and trees. Our windows are small, so it’s nice that there is no stack back like you see with wood blinds. Maddie also loves to watch the cars and people go by in the neighborhood, so we raise the shade for her. She gets very excited!


If the above features resonate with you, Hunter Douglas Nantucket or Silhouette Window Shadings may be the best choice for your next design project. Choosing the right lifting system is really important so that your window treatments are easy to operate and meet your needs. More product questions? We can help. Feel free to stop by our showroom and ask one of our experienced sales staff.
Post by Shelly Atwood
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