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Light control and graceful style; fabric shades like curtains, drapery, and side panels enhance décor while simultaneously providing light control and privacy for a home’s interior. These fabrics create design opportunities with every fold. Their customizable options make this kind of soft window covering desirable for multiple rooms throughout a home and various design aesthetics styles.


Fabric shades come in all sizes and styles. Though sometimes names are used interchangeably, there are several unique and nuanced styles of fabric window coverings, including curtains, drapery, and side panes.

  • Curtains: Hung from a header rod at the top of a window frame, window treatments referred to as curtains generally describe shades of two lengths. Cafe curtains cover the lower half of the window, and full-size curtains tend to be a few inches longer and a few inches wider than the window frame itself, so they are approximately the same size as the whole window when drawn.
  • Drapery: When you think drapes, think drama. Their longer lengths bestow a grandeur to interior design. Drapes will be longer than a window curtain, though often hung in the same manner; drapes might run floor to ceiling or even have extra length that puddles gracefully on the floor. Drapery can be made from almost any fabric, from lightweight sheers to heavy velvets and just about every opacity and weave in between.
  • Side Panels: What distinguishes side panels from a window curtain or drape is that side panels are immobile. They cannot be drawn to cover the glass pane. Instead, they are positioned on the sides of a window to frame the view. They are also used in layered treatments as their inclusion adds dimension to design, and their strategic placement near the edges of the window can help block light leaks around the edges of other layers in the window treatment.

The Design Studio™ line from Hunter Douglas is a complete collection of high-end curtains, drapery, and side panels in artfully curated fabrics and enhanced textiles. The Design Studio™ product collection has contemporary and traditional styles and the latest state-of-the-art operating system and design features.


Add style and function to your window coverings by choosing curtains or drapery that have multiple benefits for homeowners. You can control light and the aesthetic of a room with the unique design strengths and customization options available on Design Studio™ drapery and window curtains.

Design Power

Because of their sheer size and placement in a room, some features like walls, flooring, window shades, and larger pieces of furniture have a pervasive effect on the overall style of a room. Curtains and drapery can be customized to suit a range of design needs, from bold focal points in a space that draw the eye to simple, graceful backdrops that anchor design. However, it’s not just the style of a room that curtains and drapery can affect. They can also affect how a room physically feels. By playing with proportions (such as floor-to-ceiling drapery versus a window curtain hung just under the windowsill) and patterns (horizontal stripes versus vertical stripes), curtains and drapes can make interior spaces feel more spacious or cozier when used strategically.

Design Studio™ Drapery Hockessin, Delaware (DE) for Drapes and Window Curtains at At Home Designs
Design Studio™ Drapery Hockessin, Delaware (DE) for Drapes and Window Curtains from Hunter Douglas

One-of-a-kind Treatments

Your home is like no other, so the window treatments that go into it must both respect and harmonize with that individuality to be successful. Curtains and drapery offer a range of customizable options that allow homeowners to construct window shades that reflect their design values and fulfill their household’s functional needs. Furthermore, Hunter Douglas offers homeowners the ability to purchase additional fabric from their Design Studio™ collection to make one-of-a-kind, matching accessories like pillows or bedding. This helps to ingratiate the style of curtains or drapery more deeply in the room’s aesthetic for a fully integrated design customized to each home.

Energy Efficient, Comfortable Interiors

Uncovered windows pose a threat year-round. They leave homes vulnerable for energy loss or unwanted energy gain and open to the prying eyes of strangers. Curtains and drapes can protect homes by covering windows to block the view and insulating those same windows to keep inclement weather out and indoor temperature more consistent and comfortable. Drapery can be used in layered treatments to enhance their energy efficiency and light-control abilities by boosting their design features with other treatments such as shutters, blinds, woven wood shades, roller shades, screen shades, or Roman shades. This creates a performance-enhanced and stylistically dynamic window fashion.


Design Studio™ products have multiple customizations for both style and operational enhancements. You can find the design options that perfectly match your vision and your home’s existing décor, all in the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ collection.

  • Material Choices: Since curtains, drapes, and side panels are fabric-centric window treatments, the most visually prominent customization is the material choice. The Hunter Douglas collection of fabrics and enhanced textiles boasts various textures, patterns, colors, and opacities. The Design Studio™ fabric collection also showcases designer fabrics, such as the 8-line fabric collection from Rebecca Atwood.

In addition to fabric choice, there are also design customizations to consider that directly affect or interact with the fabrics, such as pleat styles and liners. Pleat styles affect the way a curtain, drape, or side panel hangs from the curtain rod and affect the flow of the window treatment and its overall aesthetic. Hunter Douglas window curtains have several available pleat styles to choose from, including:

  • Side Panel Pleats: two-finger pinch pleat, two-finger European pinch pleat and grommet
  • Curtain and Drapery Pleats: two-finger pinch pleat, two-finger European pinch pleat, and ripplefold

Liners are another option that can affect the look and function of a window curtain or drapery. Hunter Douglas curtains and drapes come with a light-filtering or room-darkening liner. Liners increase the light-blocking abilities of the window shade, so a singular style of fabric can be customized to suit the exact light-control needs of several different rooms or homes.

Hardware & Accessories

Like fabric choice, hardware selection is a custom option that can change the overall functionality and aesthetics of a set of window curtains or drapes. Curtain rods, brackets, end caps, and side hooks all offer customization opportunities to finish the look of your curtains or drapes with personally honed style. Other custom accessories, like a valance or cornice, can also tailor the look of a window curtain or drapery and provide professional finishing touches.

Operating Systems

Beyond the visual aesthetics of a window curtain or drape, custom options exist for Hunter Douglas products with a wide range of choices for operating systems. Depending on where the window is in your home and the lifestyle of residents, manual or motorized systems may be more desirable, and Hunter Douglas has both in their Design Studio™ collection. From child-safe wand control to the latest in automation from the PowerView® system, customize how your curtains open and close with the operating system options from Hunter Douglas.


At Home Designs carries the full range of Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ curtains, drapery, and side panels. Their knowledgeable and friendly team of window treatment experts can help you find and customize window curtains, drapes, or side panels for rooms throughout your home. Request a consultation online or visit the At Home Design showroom near Hockessin, Delaware, for in-person service. At Home Designs serves communities in southeast Pennsylvania and northern Delaware, including Kennett Square and Landenberg, PA and Greenville, Hockessin, Newark, Pike Creek, Wilmington, and Hockessin, DE.

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