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Motorized blinds provide a stylish and modern way to run your home more efficiently. PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas adds beauty and energy efficiency to your home. At Home Designs is proud to carry Hunter Douglas products and is committed to quality, comfort, and detail.

Smart Home Automation

Motorized blinds are an unquestionably wise investment to add when you purchase custom window treatments. The PowerView® Automation system was the 2018 recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and for good reason. The motorized blinds system integrates seamlessly with most smart home systems, and it is compatible with Android™ and Apple® smartphones and tablets.

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation near Hockessin, Delaware (DE) including motorized blinds, smart blinds, electric blinds

Convenience of Motorized Blinds

The PowerView® app allows you to customize Scenes for each of your shades. Simply select the preferred position for your motorized blinds and the Scenes will operate on their own throughout the day. If your smart home system senses a temperature fluctuation, your electric blinds will open or close to accommodate the change. You can also set your location to allow your motorized blinds to open and close with the rising and setting of the sun.

Power Options

Most PowerView® motorized blinds systems are battery-powered for convenient installation, operation, and maintenance, but there are several additional options available to meet your individual motorized blind needs.

Rechargeable Battery Wand

PowerView® Automation has the most extensive operating temperature range in the window treatment industry. This makes a rechargeable option the most environmentally friendly. The rechargeable battery wand has single and dual charging station options, though purchasing a spare battery wand is recommended so you always have a fully charged battery wand on hand. Flexible installation options include a headrail and satellite mounting to further customize your motorized blinds experience.

16-Shade DC Power Supply

This type of power supply is ideal for large PowerView® Automation installations. The system can power up to 16 smart blinds regardless of configuration or size. A DC power supply uses low-voltage electrical wiring to connect smart blinds to the power supply. Your electric blinds receive a consistent source of power without any exposed wires or cables. Your 16-Shade DC Power Supply can be recess-mounted through pre-removed punchouts or surface mounted.

Alkaline Battery Wand

This system is the traditional power source for most PowerView® Automation, and it allows you to change the battery without removing your window treatment from the window. Mounting options include front or rear of headrail or inside the top or bottom rail of shutters. You can anticipate a battery life of approximately one year depending on the type, size, and usage of your smart blinds.

C-Size Satellite Battery Wand

This optional power source is available for most PowerView® Automation systems, and it is great for those seeking a longer battery life. Depending on the type, size, and usage of your electric blinds, this battery will last approximately three years. It can be mounted to a wall or sill outside your window treatment.

Satellite Battery Pack

Another optional power source, this choice is best for window treatments located on a high window with limited battery wand access. It can be mounted to the wall or sill outside window treatment.

Control Options

PowerView® Automation motorized blinds are not only available on 22 types of window treatments with many power source options, but it also offers a variety of control mechanisms for your motorized blinds.

The Handheld Pebble® Remote is a modern take on the classic remote. It can operate up to six different smart blinds and give on-demand control from the palm of your hand. It’s available in several neutral colors to accent any room.

The PowerView Hub connects to your home’s WiFi and is a central point of control for all of your electric blinds. It is capable of storing settings and activating Scenes. Scenes you’ve created can also be activated using Scene Controller. When your smartphone or tablet is out of reach, you can use this device to trigger Scenes you’ve previously created. A final piece of helpful equipment is The Repeater. This is a small signal enhancer that discreetly plugs into a household outlet. It extends the signal range to carry commands through your home. The illumination feature provides customized lighting for both day and night.

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