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At Home Designs is all about helping you find not just a window treatment for your home but the perfect window treatment that fits seamlessly into your home design. The entire Hunter Douglas collection of roller shades and solar shades are fantastic window covering options for your home. However, if you are in the market for a roller shade that will catch visitors’ eyes to your home, you should consider Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades. Their unique layered construction sets these roller shades apart from other Hunter Douglas shades. Hunter Douglas Designer Banded fit seamlessly into the interior design of your home and offers the light control, UV protection, and energy efficiency you require.

Light & Privacy Flexibility

Other Hunter Douglas roller shades are available in several opacities and can be lifted or lowered for light and privacy control. Designer Banded Shades allow you to have an entirely different level of flexibility when it comes to light and privacy. These roller shades are constructed from alternating bands of sheer and opaque fabrics, which create an effect similar to classic horizontal blinds. By lifting and lowering the Designer Banded Shades you cause the opaque strips of fabric to alternate and then overlap, giving your superior light and privacy control. The roller design allows you to achieve the same levels of overlap no matter what height the shades are at.

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Fabric Variety

Like Designer Roller Shades and other Hunter Douglas products, Designer Banded Shades are available in a variety of fabrics. The color selection includes dozens of different hues, matching the tone between the opaque and sheer bands. You can choose calming blues, exciting reds, grounding neutrals, or expansive whites. The selection includes some textured weaves that can add depth to your windows. You can also choose from three different band sizes. The wider bands provide a better view when the opaque bands overlap, while the thinner bands allow for more precise light control.

Playing with Light & Shadow

The fabric collection for Designer Banded Shades is vast, and if you are looking for something even more unique, you can select the Coastal or Evoke fabric collections. Unlike the other designs, which are simple horizontal bands of alternating opacities, the Coastal and Evoke fabrics feature geometric patterns of sheer and opaque fabrics. The patterns are designed to still allow you to alternate or overlap the opaque fabrics completely, and the addition of the shapes creates an even more dynamic look in your windows. When the sunlight filters through these Designer Banded Shades they project a pattern of light and shadow throughout the room. These can be a beautiful sight, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

Size Choices

One of the reasons Hunter Douglas roller shades are such a great choice for your home is the size options. Designer Banded Shades can be as wide as 107 inches or as thin as 12 inches. They can be as tall as 120 inches or as short as 16 inches. This range allows them to fit in tall narrow windows, wide short windows, and everything in between. So whether you have expansive sunroom windows or tiny bathroom windows, At Home Designs can provide you with a perfectly fit Designer Banded Shade.

Operation Systems

We have four different operation options for our Designer Banded Shades. Our expert team can talk you through each option to find the best-suited one for your lifestyle and layout. Operation options include corded options like the Continuous Cord Loop, which comes standard. For increased child and pet safety, there is UltraGlide®, a cordless operation option that uses a retractable wand. Another cordless option is the battery-powered SoftTouch® system which allows you to push up or pull down on a single wand to raise and lower the Designer Banded Shade. We also offer PowerView® Automation, a fully motorized system that allows you to open and close your shades with the touch of a button or your voice.

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