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When it comes to your interiors, we know that you care about the way they look because it directly affects the way you feel. That is exactly why we at At Home Designs are here to help make your home everything you’ve ever imagined. We specialize in all things related to window treatments and interiors, one of our greatest products that we carry is our Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades.

Fits Any Aesthetic

One of the main reasons that we highly suggest our Designer Roller Shades is because they fit nearly any aesthetic. If you want something minimalistic, these roller shades are perfect for you. They can be designed with a clean and crisp design so they don’t distract from other artwork or furniture that you would rather take center stage. If you like things to be simpler, then let our stylists know and they can make that a reality for you. On the other hand, if you want something bolder, we can also make that happen as well. We specialize in creating the custom window treatments that are exactly what you are looking for, and we can bring any idea to life.

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Smooth Operation

We have all experienced those window coverings that are hard to open and close or are a complete pain to deal with, which is exactly why our Designer Roller Shades are here to the rescue. These shades are super easy to operate and have completely smooth operation, leaving you without the stress of worrying about having to be gentle with your window coverings. You can trust that they will raise and lower smoothly, which takes a lot of stress away from the window decorating process. You no longer have to worry about the issues that sometimes come with shades because these ones will exceed your expectations.

Large Fabric Selection

One of the main things that make these shades so special is the fact that they come in a huge range of colors and textures. This is important because we understand that everyone has a different personality, which means no one will want the exact same window covering. We will help create the Designer Roller Shade of your dreams. We offer these shades from over 400 fabrics, which is one of the biggest selections on the market. You can choose from sheer to opaque options so the lighting will be perfect in your interiors, which means you can finally have the lighting and privacy that you have always wanted for your home.

Operating Systems

The wonderful thing about our Designer Roller Shades is that they can be equipped with a variety of operating system options. One of the most popular options is our Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation because of the convenience that it offers our customers. This allows you to have automatic shades that move to your schedule. You can program your Designer Roller Shades to open and close at the times of day when you want them to, which gives you completely freedom to finally live the life you want. You no longer must stress about whether your shades are open or closed because you have full control through the PowerView® App. We can’t wait to show you how great this operating system is.

Specialty Shapes

We offer our Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades in all types of specialty shapes to fit perfectly in your unique windows. If you have a tricky bay window or corner window, these are the shades for you. We will work closely with you to measure your window, create your covering, and install your window treatment for you. You get to sit back and watch your interiors come to life!

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