Start everyday beautifully with Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades

These incredible roller shades might be less well known than some other Hunter Douglas products but the At Home Designs team believes they are one of the best options for energy efficiency and minimalist style. These shades are an innovative combination of the aesthetic classic roller shades and the energy-saving construction of cellular shades. This cutting-edge design provides a variety of benefits to your home.

Temperature Control

Windows let in the natural sun, which can be very beneficial, but sunlight brings the heat. Especially in the summer, that heat can increase your home’s temperature, which leads to your air conditioner working harder and harder to keep up. Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades can help combat that problem. Like blackout shades or other roller shades, they can stop the sun from getting into your home and heating it. In addition, the cellular design traps air and adds an extra insulating layer. This layer keeps the cool air in the summer and the warm air in the winter. This added temperature control keeps your interior comfortable and your energy costs down.

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Sound Absorption

The trapped air inside these cellular shades can insulate against noise as well. Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades are a great option for windows that face loud neighbors or busy streets. When the shade is pulled down, it can also keep the sounds inside your home from disturbing anyone outside. The roller shades can also improve the acoustics inside a room, dampening the sound and reducing echo.

Material Variety

One of the biggest benefits of roller shades is the sheer number of construction material options. Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades are available in eight different fabric collections. Each of these collections features a variety of color choices that range from soft neutrals to bold colors. These curated designer fabrics are available in several opacities, from sheer to opaque blackout shades. These options give you more control over the levels of sunlight in your home. With such a variety of design choices, you are sure to find one that matches your dream interior design aesthetic.

Pairing Options

Like other Hunter Douglas roller shades, Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades are a low-profile window treatment option. They create clean lines in your windows, and their narrow depth makes them perfect for pairing with other window treatments. Side panels and drapery add sophistication and warmth to these cellular shades. Side panels have the bonus of blocking any light bleed at the edges of the roller shades. In addition to pairing them in a window, the fabric collection also pairs well with the choices for our other window treatments. This allows you to mix and match window shade styles and maintain a cohesive home aesthetic.

Operating Systems

There are a variety of operation options for Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades. This allows you to pick the best choice for your lifestyle. Whether you prefer manual or motorized, At Home Designs and Hunter Douglas have an option for you.

  • Continuous Cord Loop: This standard manual option uses precision lift to operate even the widest roller shades. To raise and lower the cellular shades, you pull on a single loop of cord that runs through a pulley and rotating clutch.
  • LiteRise®: If you want a cordless option, then LiteRise® is an excellent choice. This system allows you to push up or pull down on the roller shades with your hand.
  • SoftTouch®: This battery-powered system allows you to push and pull on a wand to move your cellular shades. It also features touch-and-go functionality, which will enable you to set your Sonnette® Cellular Shades to a preset position with a single tug.
  • PowerView® Automation: This fully automated system gives you control over every window treatment in your home. With PowerView®, you can raise and lower your roller shades from a wall-mounted system, Pebble® remote, phone application, or smart home voice control system for the ultimate shade operation convenience.

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