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If you have sliding glass doors, patio doors, large windows, or other areas of your home that could benefit from gorgeous vertical blinds, then we have just the solution for you here from At Home Designs. We carry Hunter Douglas brand window treatments, and one of the best vertical blind products we carry is the Skyline® Gliding Window Panels. These window treatments are sleek, modern, and versatile coverings for all types of windows. Regardless of your style, we can help you decorate your home with these vertical blinds and make them match your personality perfectly. Call us today to learn more about this beautiful product and how we can help you bring it to life in your rooms.

Fabric Variety

Extensive Collection

We have the largest selection of fabrics on the market. If your interior style highlights neutral tones throughout your home, we have got you covered with our varying range of minimalistic colors. If you want your vertical blinds to be a statement piece, then we have bold colors and patterns available as well. In fact, we have over 600 colors to choose from, so your options are limitless. Don’t settle for less than what you want when it comes to your interiors. Get an exactly match with our patio door blinds. There are also varying levels of fabric textures too, depending on your personal preferences. We promise that you will find a design that you love and that truly complements your home.

Hunter Douglas Skyline® Gliding Window Panels Vertical Blinds Sliding Glass Patio Door Blinds near Hockessin, Delaware (DE)

Opacity Levels

We understand that you are likely in need of blinds for sliding glass doors because you want light control and/or privacy, which is exactly why we offer different opacity levels for our Skyline® Gliding Window Panels. These differing opacities allow you to be in control of the natural light that enters your home, which can protect your privacy and your furnishings. This also directly affects the openness factor, so you can determine what kind of views (if any) you would like to keep while your blinds are closed. These are all details that are in your control, which makes them the most versatile vertical blinds in the industry. The light filtering capabilities of these vanes can solve the problem of too much sun in your space or filter the light through opaque sheers to create a soft glow for your interiors.

Room Divider

Modern Divider

The amazing part about these vertical blinds is that they can double as a room divider as a modern alternative to other ways to split up your space. These vertical blinds are created with a modern twist, so you will always have that fresh, trendy look in your rooms when these blinds are present. If you are wanting your home to be beautiful, fashionable, and practical, then these blinds are for you. You will be amazed at how well they can elevate your space.

Divide Space

Don’t let the layout of your home dictate what types of rooms you have. Depending on your personal needs and your different room layouts, a room divider may be an essential item to add to your home. Add Skyline® Gliding Window Panels to your oddly-shaped or too-wide rooms and divide up your space into separate, distinct areas for everyone to enjoy. If you need some more inspiration, call our professionals today and they can walk you through the different ways you could potentially use these vertical blinds as room dividers.

Smooth Operation

Seamless Movement

One of the reasons our customers love the Hunter Douglas Skyline® Window Panels is because of their seamless operation. Because these vertical blinds have an interlocking bottom-weight, this prevents the panels from tangling. Nothing is worse than trying to open and close blinds, particularly when guests are over, and having them intertwine. Reliability is everything when it comes to window treatments. This is exactly why the bottom weight matters so much. It adds that extra layer of stability so that you can always count on your blinds opening and closing effortlessly.

Motorized Blinds

You finally have the ability to control your vertical blinds from wherever you are, at home or away, which is why Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation is such a popular option for the home. The PowerView® app or Pebble® remote allows you to consistently alter the position of your blinds, giving you the freedom of not having to worry about accidentally leaving your coverings open. This peace of mind is everything, which is exactly why we highly recommend this impressive system to our loyal customers.

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